Update 0.2a

Those are all the major changes for this version.

  • Added a player stats panel next to the map. (TAB to toggle map)
  • The game starts with 1 enemy type and a new type gets added every 2 floors.
  • On higher floors enemies have a chance to spawn as elite. (golden crown, bigger, stronger, 1 extra ability)
  • Improved sync of traps. (tested with ~500ms RTT and 10% packet loss and all clients traps were still in sync)
  • No delay anymore for client to attack enemies. (Previously had to verify attack with master).
  • Chests that have items. Every player has his own loot. (currently only 1 item done)
  • Ongoing improvements to performance and polish.

The root room for the branches in the floor still need their own design. Should have small heals and a unique shrine?

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